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  How does the band check to see if the stage is level?

  They have the drummer sit behind his drums. If he
  drools out of both sides of his mouth, then the stage is level!

David wasn't really born, he just erupted on the scene ready to kick
some serious ass. After 25+ years of pounding out the beat for
local bands such as Sage, Tower, Cyrkus, and Dancer, as well as Streetkar,
'The Man' has started to mellow somewhat. For instance, 10 years
ago, I would NEVER have said anything about level stages and drooling
drummers......... but these days, he's really just a pussycat...., and besides,
my knees are in a lot better shape than his, so I can out run him now!

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David's Stage Gear

(Pictures to come later.)


  Dave's main kit consists of 2 Bass drums, snare, 3 mounted toms and 2 floor toms
  - all by Yamaha and finished in gold. It's kind of like the drummers version of a 1958
  Les Paul Gold Top. Absolutely the prettiest finish I've seen on a set of drums since 1976,
  when Dave had a set of white Rodgers. Now those Rodgers would have given the
  Yamaha's a run for the money, but I'm not sure they could have won.
  Zildjin and Sabian.

  Still haven't taked to Dave, but I'm
  pretty sure they're made out of wood!

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