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  What's the difference between a puppy
  and a Bass Player?

  Eventually the puppy stops whining.

Gary was born as a small child and grew into an awesome bass player
by the time he was 40 years old. He lost his hair at an early age
along with 2 wives. Somehow, he's managed to keep his third one.

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Gary's Stage Gear

Main Axe:

  2 Peavey Cirrus 6 String basses.
  One with frets and one without.
Other Basses:

  A Yamaha RBX6JM (The John Myung Signature Model).
  A Yamaha BBG5S.
  A Yamaha RBX250F (Gary's Fretless Wonder!).
  A Godin BG5 (This used to be the main axe.....oops!).
  An Ibanez RB800 (This was the main axe before
        the Godin...oops again!)
  Gary's a fickle kind of guy when it comes to his guitars.....

  A Hartke Kickback 15 with a Digitech BP8 Bass Processor,
  running a direct out to the main cable snake.

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