Why was the piano invented?

  So the Keyboard Guy would have a
  place to put his beer.

John was born as a small hippie when it was not cool to be one.
One day when he was six, he sat down at the piano and played Louie, Louie.
The next week he had a piano recital and a star was born. When he became a teenager,
he began liking guitars far too well and had several indecent, although meaningful,
relationships with them. Now, although he owns 12 guitars, he only has meaningful
relationships with his keyboards. He has not lost his hair yet, but there is
more and more showing up on the floor of the shower everyday.
Oh Yeah..., there is one more thing....uhh but since John retired,
he can't seem to remember what that other thing is...!

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John's Stage Gear

(Pictures to come later.)


  Yamaha S80 and Korg X2.
  Quicklok QL641 2 tier double braced 'X' stand
  with QLX-4 Mic Stand Attachment


  Currently, it's his 2002 Zion Bent 'T' , but John has been
  known to show up with any one of the 12 electric guitars
  he currently has in his collection.


  Johns rig consists of A Yamaha EMX 640 running in
  bridged mode, powering a Yamaha S12ME 12 inch 2-Way monitor. One main
  line out running through a Rapco direct box to the main cable snake.
  For his guitar, John is currently using a PSA-1 guitar pre-amp by
  Tech 21 NYC, an Alesis Midiverb II for effects and a DOD SR431QXLR
  31 band EQ, all mounted in a SKB 3 space rack. This combo has an
  XLR cable running to one of the channels on the EMX 640.

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