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John Morris

(Retired..! Or as some prefer to call it... Retarded!)

Current 'real' job:

  John is now retired from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.
  Formerly he was known as a System Administrator and Computer Programmer.
  Now he's just some guy who wakes up late every morning and
  goes to the club to play golf with other old men.

Currently, John is married with children...and grandchildren. Well, two anyway.
He is old, very old(56), and feels even older. He graduated (believe it or not),
like most of his bandmates, from Minor High School, but doesn't generally
mention it in polite company. Minor is medium sized high school in western
Jefferson County, just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. He then went on to receive
a degree in Piano, from Birmingham Southern College, or as the guys in the band
like to call it, "that pinko, liberal, wussy school".(They don't have a football team)!
Being the geekie kind of computer nerd that he is, John has a personal webpage
for you the check out. Click here to go to John's personal web page.

John, The Keyboard Dude
and Webmaster!

Hmmmm... nice socks John..!

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