What's the difference between a Savings
  Bond and a Guitar Player?

  Eventually the Savings Bond will mature
  and earn money.

For many years Lane thought his sole pupose in life was to skip school
and irritate his teachers and counselors. Then, somewhere around the age of
30, he graduated and realized, there's more too life than that. He hasn't
figured it out yet, but he knows that it's there, and that's a start!

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Lane's Stage Gear

(Pictures to come later.)

Main Axe:

  A 2000 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Model
  in Teal Black.

Other Guitars:

  A 1988 Fender American Standard Stratocaster
  with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge pickup and
  Rio Grande Vintage Tallboys in the middle and neck


  A Marshall G80RCD 1x12 Combo, along with a
  Crybaby Wah pedal, an Ibanez Tube Screamer and
  an Ibanez Delay. 

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